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Donate Now to Create Change


Through Listening & Acting, We Are Deeply Rooted in Our Communities

Our mission is to be a powerful voice for change, creating justice and opportunity in Greater Cleveland by uniting our faith communities and civic partners across lines of race, class and religion.

Founded in 2011, we are a nonpartisan, broad-based collective of 37 faith communities and civic partners. We have years of experience fighting tough battles across Greater Cleveland. We connect individuals and organizations to multiply our power, and we mobilize our members by the thousands with the proven power of person-to-person organizing.

We have fought for and alongside our communities in Greater Cleveland, specifically about the issues that matter the most to us:

  • Decriminalizing metal health and addiction
  • Eliminating the bindover of children to the adult justice system
  • Reforming our bail system to shrink the number of people going to jail
  • Fighting for nonpartisan voter engagement by disillusioned voters
  • Ensuring access to primary healthcare in underserved neighborhoods

We have a tested and true model, one which organizes people, activities and partners to work toward shared goals.

If you prefer to donate by check, please send your donation to Greater Cleveland Congregations, 6114 Francis Ave., Cleveland, OH 44127.